To be successful in winning a grant, applicants need to do research in order to identify appropriate funding organizations. It is best to submit your grant proposal to a funding organization that knows something about your activities. Take the time to cultivate relationships with these organizations via phone calls, visits, and/or letters of inquiry. Make sure your proposal is well-written, clearly states your objectives and sets forth a plan and a budget for your activities. Don’t expect to receive money right away. Funding organizations often take many months to review and process grant applications.


Eligible candidates will be those individuals/organizations whose research focus corresponds to the research agenda held by iTRACE Foundation, Inc. as stated in the mission and goals of the organizations bylaws.

Research projects should fall within one of the following areas:

  • Childhood/Community-based Wellness
  • Healthy Living
  • Evidence-based Health Outcome Measures
  • Healthcare Occupation Shortages
  • Improve Physical Mobility

Eligible candidates may apply for grant monies at the funding levels:

  • $1000
  • $2500
  • $5000
  • Other

Funding Criteria

Grant Applications may be submitted for consideration year round. Studies shall be chosen for funding on a semi-annual basis. Those projects receiving funding shall meet the following criteria:

  • The principle investigator (PI) must be a licensed healthcare worker
  • The PI must submit a quarterly update on the project’s status
  • The project must be eligible for publication in a peer-reviewed journal
  • The project should be presented at a state or national conference
  • The PI shall agree to recognize iTRACE Foundation, Inc. as a funding source on said publication and/or presentation
  • The PI may be asked to appear before the Board of Directors of iTrace to present research findings

Use of Funds

Grant funds may be requested to meet expenses associated with the research project in the following areas:

  • Salaries
  • Equipment purchases
  • Study related supplies
  • Travel
  • Subject recruitment/retention supplies
  • Other direct expenses as approved by the board of iTRACE Foundation, Inc.

Note: No indirect expenses shall be covered

Grant Period

A proposed study may have a period of performance of up to two years.

Depending on the funding level, grant monies may be distributed in a split format with initial funding received immediately and subsequent funding received as certain predetermined research related milestones are met within the funding period.